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Adjustable Pedal Mounting Plate Kit

The CNC Adjustable Pedal Mounting Plate was designed to be mounted on the floor of the vehicle and allows you to easily adjust your pedal assembly to the comfort of the driver. It can be used with all dual cylinder pedal assemblies. The standard series plate has three different locations for the pedal assembly, with an overall adjustment 4". The long series has five locations with an overall adjustment of 8".

  • Bolts, lock washers and feet provide secure pedal positioning.
  • No flimsy pins or wing nuts to vibrate off.
  • Multi position throttle extension included.
  • Also available for single cylinder assemblies and aluminum gas pedals.
  • Allows quick adjustment without tools.
1222CTStandard length for cable throttle
1222HTStandard length for hydraulic throttle or without throttle pedal
1222CTLLong length for cable throttle
1222HTLLong length for hydraulic throttle or without throttle pedal