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Dual Cylinder Brake Pedal Assemblies

Reverse Swing Mount

Series 224
With Short or Tall Master Cylinders

Our reverse swing mount dual cylinder brake pedal assembly features an adjustable balance bar for front/rear dial in of desired pressure ratios. Choose from either short or tall master cylinders.

  • Sure-grip foot pad.
  • Total-seal rubber boots.
  • Adjustable balance bar for dial in of front and rear pressure ratios.
  • American or Metric fittings.
  • Steel pedal arm.
  • Large foot pad and High-grip rubber pedal pad.
  • Standard pedal length is 12 1/4" for a 6:1 ratio.

    Also available in
    14 1/4" for a 7.2:1 ratio,
    15 1/4" for a 8.1:1 ratio,
    16 1/4" for a 8.7:1 ratio.
224SDSteel pedal with short or tall master cylinders