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Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Packages

Series 340
Floor Mount

Standard pedal length is 10 1/4” for a 5.2:1 ratio.

  • Light weight aluminum pedal bracket casting.
  • Included slave cylinder is made from 7075T6 aluminum and comes in blue or red anodized finish.
  • Equipped with 3/16" American brake line fittings, Metric available on request.
  • Steel pedal arm.

Steal Pedal

340SBVW - Blue
340SRVW - Red
340SBUUniversal - Blue
340SRUUniversal - Red

Chrome Pedal

340CBVW - Blue
340CRVW - Red
340CBUUniversal - Blue
340CRUUniversal - Red
Series 340 Floor Mount

Other CNC master cylinder styles may be substituted upon request as an additional charge.