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Spongy Pedal or Pedal Bottoms Out

  • Air in brake system.
  • Calipers not bled with bleeder screws pointing straight up.
  • Wrong size master cylinder (too small).
  • Use of improper brake line. Too much braided or rubber hose.
  • Use of silicone brake fluid.
  • Faulty master cylinder.
  • Calipers not mounted square with rotor.
  • Excessive caliper flex.
  • Pedal ratio too great.

Have to Push Too Hard On Pedal

  • Wrong master cylinder size (too large).
  • Not enough pedal ratio.
  • Pedal mounted at bad angle.
  • Wrong pad compound.
  • Frozen piston in caliper or wheel cylinder.
  • Glazed pads and/or rotors.

Lost Your Pedal During Race

  • Fluid boiling due to old or not enough fluid.
  • Excessive spindle deflection.
  • Undersized brake system.
  • Incorrect or faulty master cylinder.
  • Leak in caliper, wheel cylinders or lines.
  • Inadequate ducting.
  • Pedal linkage failure.

Brake Drag

  • Faulty master cylinder.
  • Incorrect size of residual pressure valve.
  • Warped rotors.
  • Calipers not square to rotors.
  • Tapered brake pads.